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Mind Over Matter Fitness Training


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Mind Over Matter Fitness Training is a Mobile Personal Training and Massage business with a home PT studio located in Kellyville, NSW.

It is owned and operated by Kate Lombardi and registered and qualified Personal Trainer.

If time is an issue Kate will come to you, weather it be your office, home or even the oval where your children are training.

Kate has been in the health and fitness industry for 12 years thus far and has given her a wealth of knowledge and experience in many different fields. However there are a few areas Kate really loves to specialise in-
•Young aspiring athletes- Helping them build a functional body before the demands of elite training take effect on ones body
•Sporting Teams
•Support pre and post natal women re/build a strong foundation
•Fitness for Kids 9+ - providing a stimulating, fun and educational program to support a healthy growing body
•Group Sessions for Mums and Bubs

Why Mind Over Matter Fitness Training ?

Kate became a qualified and registered Fitness Professional at 16, when her body had experienced one too many injuries from trying to pursue a career as an athlete.

Kate was lucky enough to compete at a national level in a few different sports such as Tennis, Soccer, Cross Country and Athletics. How ever was unaware of the effects all the training was having on her body and naturally pushed through the aches and pains thinking it was all "no pain no gain". As Kate started to be unable to train as often, she started helping her coaches at training and learnt a great deal from them and their elite athletes.

Kate had a light bulb moment and realised it isn't "no pain no gain" its getting your mind and body working as one- hence "Mind Over Matter", which has been Kates personal motto since she was 15.

Since becoming a PT Kate has aimed her focus on teaching others how to build up a functional body and a supporting mind. By educating her clients on the need for a strong base to be able to build a strong functional body.

Kate is a compassionate, fun, and down to earth Trainer who really wants to help children grow up happier and healthier. Kate would love to help the "Y" generation realise there is no secret, no quick fix to health and fitness and that it really is all about moderation and a well balanced life.

Mind Over Matter Fitness Training Up Coming Programs

If you are interested or know someone who is please contact Kate to express your interest and to find out more.

- Kids Fitness, building the foundation - weekly sessions Starting in Term 3, 2016

- Mums and Bubs Group PT - starting again Mid June, 2016

- Before and/or After School Rumble for kids 9-13 - Starting Term 3, 2016