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Find us in parks all over Sydney, southern suburbs, northern suburbs, western suburbs, eastern suburbs and country areas.NSW


Our trainers are Group Outdoor Personal Training qualified and accredited by Fitness Australia


From $15 - Free trial session - Contact your nearest venue


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One week Free group personal training
Come and give group outdoor training a try for a WHOLE WEEK FREE, contact any Step into Life venue for a free trial guest pass.

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Training in a gym can be an intimidating and isolating experience for many reasons, but when you join a Step into Life group, you can be sure that you are never going to feel uncomfortable, ill at ease or unsupported.

Step into Life also offers a franchise opportunity to people who want to make a career in something they are passionate about.

Just motivating yourself to exercise can be a very hit and miss affair with the simplest excuse often all you need to postpone a gym class or a simple brisk walk at the park. For Step into Life members, training sessions are never a chore.

If you want to feel more alive, have more energy to do the things you love, or just get more out of your day, Step into Life can make that difference to your life. Our members see their sessions as an important part of their week and the benefits they gain in all areas of their life are motivation enough to keep up their Step into Life exercise program. And the best part? We do it outdoors.

Every member not only gets one-on-one support and encouragement from their trainer – they get it from each other. It's all part of the camaraderie and friendship that is central to a Step into Life group.

No matter what your fitness level, you will be encouraged and recognised by your Step into Life personal trainer and your new found friends in the group for having achieved something special.

Whether you are exercising to achieve a weight loss goal or committing to regular hours of fitness training for your health and well being, the important thing is that in every way possible we will all be supporting you and helping you to stay motivated and committed so that you really do begin to see and feel a difference in your fitness and well being.

Don’t be at all surprised if your trainer calls you to check that you will be at the next session or to say they missed you at the last one. All Step into Life trainers are totally committed to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals, and sometimes that may mean keeping the discipline of attending forefront in your mind – you will thank us in the long term you can be sure!

Take the first step to being fitter and healthier by joining your nearest Step into Life group.



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