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4 Ways To Keep Active In Winter
By: Feel Good Joey

Throughout winter it may be tempting to hit the snooze button once or twice more then you would during the summer months. With the mornings being cooler it can be harder to be motivated to want to train. So I wanted to share with you 4 Ways To Keep Active In Winter.

1. Training Buddy: Ask a friend to be your training buddy and train together. If you have an appointment time to workout with someone you are more likely to stick to that scheduled workout. Plus having a friend to train with can be a great motivator for those days when you feel like sleeping in.

2. Join Group Fitness Classes: Join a group fitness class such as hot yoga, thi is a great way to keep warm over the winter months and build up a sweat! Plus when you join a class and train regularly it is a good way to meet new friends and keep motivated to train together at the group fitness class each week.

3. Program: Ask a personal trainer to help write you a program to stick to. If you have a program you can follow you will be motivated to stay on track during the winter months.

4. GOALS! Do you have a goal or incentive? Having a goal and leverage to want to exercise it will make it easier to stay focused on your fitness program.

I hope these 4 ways to keep active in winter can help motivate you to keep fit over the cooler months.

Joey Toutounji


Added: 30-05-2014