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Craig changed my Life!!
By: Craig Hayne

In August 2009, I ran the whole 14 km of the City 2 Surf.

I owe it all to Craig & the support of my fellow members of Step into Life at West Pennant Hills.

Let me tell you how Craig at Step into Life changed my life forever, because I now know that the old Kim is gone & my life will never be the same again. I found the secret to fulfillment, through the union of hard work & fun.....true happiness through personal achievement.


I was always the tallest & biggest. I was the marker that all women were measured. If someone said," she was even bigger than you!" I could feel their disbelief. I wasn't planning to be 40 & still fat. My weight has fluctuated all of my life, but mainly on the heavy side. Growing up, my wonderful mother loved cooking & I loved eating. Yeah, I love eating, that's no secret, but I also liked lying on my couch watching television & I have a sedentary job. It was a recipe for disaster.  I've always been going to lose the weight, in my teens, 20s & 30s, every New Year, what the heck it was more like every Monday.

My weight in October last year ballooned to 135kgs. I am already over 6ft tall & with all that weight, I looked & felt like a tank.  I was morbidly obese, my knees were giving way, my cholesterol was high & I was feeling the effects of all the years of abuse I had put myself through, it not only affected my health but also my life. I had let decades slip by without doing anything about this - it was time.

We all know deep down there is not magic cure, no pill or potion. It's simple common sense there is only one way to lose weight "burn more than you eat", however you'd better believe that it is the most rewarding experience you can ever undertake & it can also be FUN, yes I said FUN. Let me explain how.


So where to go? What to do?


Step into Life was recommended to me by a friend who had had amazing results I had seen but was always too embarrassed to ask. I thought there was no way I could afford a personal trainer, but I was wrong, because this is group training the cost is remarkably good value & for me the best investment I ever made.


So, in October I rang Craig, the trainer at West Pennant Hills Step into Life, & he asked if I would like to attend a free session & see how I felt. I was surprised when I got there to see all age groups, teens, parents, grandparents, men & women; people from different walks of life and different cultures. To my surprise it was fun, there was something about the atmosphere, I felt at ease & being outdoors was refreshing. You see these classes are different from any gym I've joined (& I've joined a few of them too), every class is modified to suit each person, thanks to the attention of our trainer Craig. You start at a pace & weight you are comfortable with & then work your way up & up & up. I started using 2kg weights during toning classes, hitting like a girl in the kickboxing class & walking or shuffling in short spurts during the Saturday morning road run.  Now I use 6kg weight, punch like a champion & ran the whole City 2 Surf & Blackmore's Bridge Run, all in less than 12 months. In January, Craig ran his own Biggest Loser 10 week challenge & to my surprise I ended up on the podium. I am now nearly 30kgs lighter than I was on that faithful day in October last year. Yes  I am still overweight, but I'm on my way to a new me, well actually I'm already thinner, fitter & healthier. My cholesterol is normal, I don't need a knee guard, I can climb steps, run uphill & my clothes are falling off me - time for a new wardrobe. AND I LOVE IT!


Nearly every person who I started training with last year is still here training & laughing. It's testament to just how well this works, after all, even if we started for different reasons, we have all stayed because of the same reason - IT WORKS & IT'S FUN.


So if I can do it, you can do it. The secret is don't give up, don't stop, for that hour give it all you've got, the rush you get when you've worked as hard as you can is worth every bead of sweat.

If you need encouragement or advice, talk to Craig. He's not one of these trainers who have never known what it's like, he has been there & has conquered & now he is sharing his knowledge with us. He isn't an award winner for nothing.


Come along for a visit, give it a go. I'll see you there because I'm not going anywhere; I'm having too good a time. I know why we are called "Step into Life", it's because that's what we are doing & life has never been better.

Ring Craig know you want to...don't think'll look back at this day as being the first day of the rest of your life. Believe me, I did

Added: 09-10-2009