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Diet or Habit
By: Nick Lees

At MVMNT we don't do fads, quick crash diets or anything that isn't going to last.

I'm really big on create habits and making sure they are sustainable.

Any diet that gives you a massive deficit in your calories will of course lead to weight loss. But here's why i don't give MVMNT clients that type of 12 week crash course diet.

1: the thing is: its not specifically Fat Loss. Valuable Muscle is being wasted there too. The body can literally break down muscle to be used as fuel. in the body building world we call it the Catabolic State.

An increase of muscle will increase your total amount Calories Burnt daily, muscle is a metabolism booster.
But to maintain muscle you need to train it and feed it sufficient amounts of protein (amino acids) and carbs (sugar).

If cutting calories Protein is the most important macro nutrient to consider. Personally i would slightly elevate this from your recommended amount.

2: a big calorie deficit with an increased amount of exercise isn't sustainable. Think of food as money and exercise as shopping. You can't keep 'shopping' and spending 'money' without an income (adequate food).

You will become weaker, your immune system will drop, your mind can become cloudy, sleep patterns get messed up, not to mention your mood and attention span.

3: Once you've finished a 12 week crash diet. You may have lost say 6-8kg. Great. But once you go off that diet then whats going to happen? Chances are the weight will come back on (and then some).

Why? Now the body has a lower metabolism - thanks to the decrease in muscle mass, the body needs a less amount of food than you were originally use too. This can cause havoc for the amount you want to eat vs amount you need to it.

4: It was in a 'fat storage mode' because the body wanted to hold onto the rest of the stores incase you needed them later, (this is also why you may get a plateau in results, hence why a cheat meal works). This is not an optimal state for the body to be in as it thinks you're literally starving. So it will hold onto the excess 'energy' until you feed it enough for the body to realise its ok to give a little more.

5: If on a low carb diet you can easily put the weight back on because for every 1 gram of carbohydrate it drags 3 grams of water. So when the body gets the carbs it wants you'll also retain the water that comes along with it = increase in weight almost instantly.

MVMNT would rather look at how to eat properly. What to eat and when. Ways to get those sweet treats in without effecting your progress and create a sustainable approach to eating and training.

Here's some of the advice I give to my clients to start with:

Eat as close to the original source as possible.
Make your own food.
Increase your protein and fibre.
Don't be scared to eat fat.
Drink more water & tea.
Limit the alcohol as much as possible.
Eat more vegetables.

Very simple but it works. Just slight dietary tweaks that can be done for the rest of your life, even your kids lives.

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Added: 06-02-2017