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Speedy Tips To Combat Food Cravings
By: Michael Winter

If you’re on a reduced calorie diet hoping to see fat loss occurring, one of the main things that you could be battling at this point is food cravings. Food craving are extremely common with those who are reducing their calorie intake and unless you do understand how to deal with them, they very well could take you right out of the diet game.

Most people will fall prey to their food cravings at least a few times, but as long as you have a fairly solid game plan in place for how to get past them, they shouldn’t hinder you too much.
Let’s look at a few of the top speedy tips that you can use to combat food cravings fast.

Drink A Glass Of Water
Perhaps the top tip to beat food cravings is to simply down a glass of water. Often people will mistake thirst for hunger and this could be leading to the food craving in itself. Drink a large glass of water and then wait ten minutes. Then see if that food craving is still there.

In most cases it will have passed, but if it is, then you can deal with it at that point. For added benefit, try adding a slice of lemon to that glass of water. Some people will find that the slightly bitter taste will offset their craving even better.

Get Outside
Next, another quick way to combat food cravings is to simply get outside. Going out in to the outdoors and fresh air can help to boost your energy level and help take your mind off that food craving itself.
Try a ten minute brisk walk if you have time. Getting the blood flowing throughout your body will produce a natural high and may help reduce your desire for food altogether. And even if it doesn’t, at least you will have burned a few calories in the process.

Call A Friend
Another quick tip to combat that food craving is to call a friend up. Distracting yourself from the food is very often the perfect way to combat this problem and by the time you’re finished talking, you’ll likely have other things on your mind.
Having a support system in place of people who you can call when you’re struggling is one of the best tips for success, and this falls directly into that.

Think Of Something Else To Eat
Finally, the last thing that you can do to combat food cravings is to think of something else to eat. Perhaps there is a much healthier choice that you can have instead that may not be exactly identical, but is close enough that it’ll still satisfy you without having you eating far too many calories.
Get creative and see what you can come up with.

This simple tip could potentially save your diet over the long haul.
So don’t let cravings get you down any longer. Use these tips and you shouldn’t have an issue dealing with them.

Added: 23-04-2018