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The Danger of Diet products
By: Matthew Lucas


The dangers of Aspartamine and Artificial Sweeteners

By Timo Topp


Artificial sweeteners are used in thousands of products such as diet soft drinks, low calorie products, yoghurts, snack bars and medicines. If you want to maintain health you should look out for it on food labels and avoid it at all costs. Artificial sweeteners are a potential neurotoxin associated with all sorts of neurological problems.


There is conflicting evidence for the safety of this product in our food supply, depending on the point of view. Those within the industry claim there are no harmful affects. Whereas less bias independent sources unequivocally state there are a massive range of health implications that include:


  • depression

  • anxiety attacks

  • behavioural disorders

  • slurred speech

  • blurred vision and blindness

  • memory loss

  • alzheimer’s

  • birth defects

  • brain tumours


Dr. Walton MD, chairman of the Center for Behavioral Medicine and Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine analysed 164 studies which were felt to have relevance to human safety questions. Of those studies, 74 had aspartame industry-related sponsorship and 90 were funded without any industry influence. Of the 90 non-industry-sponsored studies, 83 (92%) identified one or more problems with aspartamine. Of the 74 aspartamine industry-sponsored studies, all 74 (100%) claimed that no problems associated to it. This is reminiscent of tobacco industry who’s research happily dismiss the majority of health related problems.


It’s amusing to note what Nutrasweet says about it. ‘Aspartamine can reduce or replace the sugar and calories in foods and beverages while maintaining great taste. Thus, aspartamine offers one simple step in helping people move closer to achieving a more healthful diet’’. A healthy diet, what hypocrisy! I do not call a diet containing potentially harmful chemicals healthy!


Aspartamine converts to methanol which breaks down to formaldehyde and formic acid, particularly in warm conditions such as when you are enjoying a calorie free soft drink on the beach IN THE SUN! Formaldehyde is grouped in the same class of drugs as cyanide and arsenic- DEADLY POISONS! Other by-products are known carcinogens such as DPK. There are 92 documented symptoms of aspartamine. The majority of them are all neurological, because aspartamine attacks the nervous system.


How can such a proven dangerous chemical be allowed in our food supply? Simple, those with a vested interest have been shown to falsify research and influence the right people. Thousands of pages of evidence have shown laboratory tests to be faked, dangers concealed and false and misleading statements were made to regulatory bodies such as the FDA in the USA. 37 of 49 top FDA officials who left the FDA took positions with companies they had regulated. They also reported that over 150 FDA officials owned stock in drug companies they were assigned to manage. Many organisations and universities receive large sums of money from companies connected to the NutraSweet Association, a group of companies promoting the use of aspartame. In January 1993, the American Dietetic Association received a US$75,000 grant from the NutraSweet Company. The American Dietetic Association has stated that the NutraSweet Company writes their "Facts" sheets.

Don’t just take my word for it check it out for yourself on the internet. Do a Google search on aspartamine or artificial sweeteners and you will find the majority of information is negative.


In conclusion


  • NEVER drink diet soft drinks unless you want to rot your brain!


  • Read food labels and look out for artificial sweeteners on low calorie or diet products


  • Do not eat or drink anything with artificial sweeteners

Added: 26-10-2009