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We've had some AMAZING Results!
By: Millie Walker

We have had some AMAZING results!


“The training has defiantly paid off:  I’d recommend it!”

-Uriah Baker


Sally & Uriah Baker have had some amazing results since joining Step into Life Coogee last year. . .


As a young couple with a 18-month-old son, they have found Step into Life to be a great solution to their health and fitness goals.


Sally & Uriah feel that “the flexibility of the sessions makes it easy for us to get a great workout, no matter what family, work or social commitments we have; and the variety of the timetable keeps it interesting and challenging” and there are loads of other social and physical activities and events that are offered.


Sally has:

·         Lost 6kg

·         Lost 5.2% body fat

·         Toned up, and lost the baby weight.

·         Found it easy to train with the nanny service for her son

·         Increased her core strength

Uriah has:

·         lost 8kg

·         lost 6% body fat

·         Gained strength, speed and stamina

·         Has more energy

They both have:

·         Enjoyed doing it outdoors

·         Raced the City to Surf with PB’s

·         Improved their fitness, strength and motivation levels

·         Had a great time doing it!


“The results are Fantastic! My fitness has improved dramatically over the last year. The nanny service is a life saver, my son is now 18months old and it really has been great. It’s my break, my time to have an hour off, to come outside in the sun & train outdoors”

                                                     -Sally Baker

Added: 31-08-2011