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Who is cheering for you?
By: Michael Winter


How are you? Are you doing well. Is the end of the year treating you as you had hoped?

Those goals you set up to achieve, are they any closer or have you collapsed in a heap with all the social pressure and expectations from work and client Christmas parties and family and school celebrations.

You know what. I agree. It is hard doing it alone. You should look for someone to help you through these tough times when you want to succeed, but because it might be new to you or you are worried about failing again. You need someone who will give you that pat on the back, a high five, those supportive and encouraging thoughts.


So What is a cheerleader??

A cheerleader doesn’t partner so closely with you, but they do cheer from the sidelines with generous encouragement, praise and friendly support.

When recruiting cheerleaders look for people who are naturally supportive. You may need to let others know exactly how they should cheer your efforts.

Ideas for how cheerleaders can help:

Ask you how you are doing each week
Offer only positive advice, comments or feedback
Give you compliments on your appearance
Remind you why your goals are important
Question your excuses for not exercising
Take time to listen to your successes and challenges
Avoid discussions about dieting when they are with you
Offer helpful tips and information about food and fitness
Are non-judgmental when you appear to be off your diet
Start a fitness club at work to sign up more cheerleaders
Share positive stories about your efforts with other friends
Do extra work around the house to give you time for activity
Spend active social time away from food distractions
Change their schedule to allow you to fit in exercise
Are prepared to try new foods that you are eating
Provide healthy food options when you visit their home
Buy you flowers to say, “Well done!”
Surround yourself with positive energy that boosts your motivation!

Who can you recruit as cheerleaders? _________

Your support crew is a valuable asset when achieving a goal. Tell me any successful person who does not have someone who supports them and helps keep them on track. So you should have the same opportunity.

I'd love to hear about your cheerleading successes.

Seize the Day,

Alive PT

Added: 05-12-2017