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Goodlife Health club, Westfield Chermside


Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness


$120 an hour



Jonathon Alcock


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Hi I am Coach Jono!

I was born in country South Australia and moved to Brisbane after joining the military. During my Army career I experimented with various styles of training including; traditional bodybuilding, MMA training and cycling before I discovered CrossFit! This is where I found my true love of functional training.

I saw the phenomenal ways that fitness can change peoples lives and became passionate about this life changing idea and wanted to share it with others. I decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry as I believe there is no greater fulfilment than being able to help others achieve their goals. I have coached clients in a variety of settings both in and outside the gym including as a CrossFit Coach and Mountain Bike instructor. Motivation and encouragement are a big part of my coaching approach which focuses on striving for overall health and fitness for my clients.

As soldiers we worked in small and large teams to achieve common goals. Through this teamwork I bonded with many mates and that is something I will be forever thankful for. From my experiences, mateship can be a key part of fitness as it keeps you accountable, challenges you to work harder, brings out your inner competitiveness and pushes you to not let the team down.

While in the Army I was injured and underwent a painstaking recovery from shoulder and lower back injuries. I saw many different allied health professionals and I begin to ask questions about my injuries and rehabilitation techniques. Therefore, I have a strong interest in areas of rehabilitation, proper conditioning and strength training. Helping you create overall health and fitness significantly contributes to my training programs with motivation and encouragement a big part of my coaching approach.

Today Team Training is the core of my coaching methodology. My approach is not your usual gym session of reps & sets on weight machines. We use Kettlebells, resistance bands, suspension training and body weight exercises all in the great outdoors!