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Bachelor of Applied Science in Health & Human Movement!; CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Neurolinguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy Practitioner, CHEK Scientific Core & Back Conditioning


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Kirsty Welsh


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Kirsty is an expert at guiding you to transform your life, period. If you want to feel better about yourself, happier in your own skin, a more confident and radiant version of yourself, fitter, healthier, happier, then please visit her website and make an enquiry; she has a magical way of making you LOVE health and fitness.

A personal trainer, health & wellness specialist and health writer, Kirsty lives, breathes and loves everything holistic and wellness related, with an unusual ability to open up her clients to transform their health on a level beyond just the physical.

Kirsty has become recognised as one of Australia's leading health experts; her career has seen her working with Eyeworks Production Company as behind-the-scenes trainer for Channel 9's BIG:Extreme Makeover 2011, Personal Trainer to Mel B (Scary Spice) in 2011 to help her shift her baby weight, writing regular fitness articles for Body+Soul, quoted consistently for her expertise in various newspapers and ACP magazines, writing for Women's Fitness Magazine and Yahoo! 7 Health as well as a variety of other exciting projects always on the go!


"The sessions with you have changed the way I live my life. I am more aware of the need for regular exercise (and the type of exercise), motivating me to do my DIY bootcamps at home, eating and enoying the "good things in life" i.e. chocolate and wine, in moderation.... Just everything feels better!!"
Jennifer Cavanagh - CorporateFIT Bootcamp

"KIRSTY WELSH... I'm feeling FABULOUS!!! Thank you for being such an inspiring and amazing person :) You rock girl!!!"
Anthea Charalambous - 1-on-1 client

"Kirsty definitely keeps it good, she's energetic, she keeps you moving and motivated... By the time I get to the end I'm absolutely shattered and wondering why I like it so much! It's great fitness!"
James Beerworth - BoxFIT Bootcamp