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Village Green, Memorial Ave, St Ives


Cert IV - Step into Life Group Outdoor Personal Training qualified and accredited by Fitness Australia.


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0411 409 209 or 9943 6502

Dani Manevski


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We are conveniently located off Village Green Parade next to the St Ives Shopping Village,
Step Into Life St. Ives is owned and operated by me, Dani Manevski.

I have, throughout my life, been an active sportsperson and as a Certificate IV Personal Trainer have assisted many of my clients to achieve remarkable fitness results.

Prior to entering into the fitness industry, I spent 12 years in the corporate sector and like most battled weight, health and stress related issues constantly. Having overcome the pitfalls and challenges of getting fit and healthy I am well placed to help motivate and inspire you to realize your health and fitness aspirations.

As a trainer I am determined to deliver group outdoor exercise sessions that participants will definitely find challenging yet educational, fun and very, very rewarding.

If your fitness goals are fat loss, cardio improvement and toning we, at St. Ives, are well equipped and offer a huge variety of training options that are tailored to suit all age and fitness levels. Unlike indoor gyms, you will find our Step into Life sessions unique, and always thoroughly enjoyable.

So for a new, fun and exciting way to exercise, call to take advantage of our initial FREE trial session at St. Ives.

All Sessions are offered at convenient days and times.

Please contact us for our timetable.


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